Are You An Introvert Who Is Naturally Attracted To The Idea of Owning An Online Business

introvertAn introvert is someone who likes to kind of keep to himself/herself.  They enjoy their alone time very much.  That is when they create and think deeply.  An extrovert is the kind of person who likes to be out around people a lot more.   They prefer to spend more of their time interacting with other people.  They don’t want as much alone time as an introvert does.   Everybody has a little bit of each type in them.  Some people gravitate towards one extreme or the other.

As a person that is naturally attracted to the idea of owning an online business, I am willing to bet that there is a large part of you that leans towards that introvert side.   Am I right?

It is totally natural for an introvert to be attracted to the idea of owning an online business because it feels like the kind of business you can run without ever having to leave your home.  You do most of your work alone where it is hopefully peaceful and quiet. Isn’t that one of the things about this business that attracted you to it?

You love the idea that you could sit around in your sweat pants and a t-shirt doing this kind of work.  You love the idea that you don’t have to go out and talk to people and shake hands and try to sell something.   You love the idea that you can hide in your home with the front and back door locked.   You don’t even care if it is cloudy or rainy outside.  You are comfy, warm and dry in your little corner of the house.

You like the idea of being trapped in your little online world for hours at a time totally consumed in what you are doing at the moment.  In fact, you get so consumed by it that the hours pass by like minutes.  You are shocked to see how much time has passed when you look at the clock.

You really enjoy just sitting there keeping to yourself lost deep in thought.  Even when you talk to people about this stuff, it is usually either through email or through Facebook or some other online place.   It seems so much easier than having to go out to meet people face to face and having to talk to them that way.


The Downside Of Being An Introvert

The downside of being an introvert is that it makes it harder to succeed even with an online business.  Yes it is sad but true.   You find success faster when you get out there and press the flesh.  You need to meet people.  You need to build relationships.  Without doing that, you can be a truly talented expert in your industry who absolutely struggles to gain any traction with your online business.   Maybe you already know what I mean?

If you are guilty of being an introvert like me, then you had better find ways to start meeting more people online.   Actually you can’t just try to meet people.  You have to actively build relationships with those people.   Just meeting them isn’t good enough.  You have to really befriend them and stay in contact with them from time to time.

I know this from experience.   Just meeting people is not enough.  The strength of your relationship is what really matters.

I must admit; that part of the equation has been one of my downfalls.   I do love meeting new people and I love talking with people.   Once I meet someone I am not one to go out there and keep prodding them with new conversations all the time.  I don’t send out lots of emails.   I definitely don’t reach out to people as often as I should.

I just don’t like being a pest and that is how I feel when I reach out to my contacts without good reason.  If I contact you back it is because I feel like I have something important to say.  Otherwise I just don’t say anything.   It doesn’t mean that I am intentionally ignoring you.   It is just my demeanor.

Maybe you know some other guys like that?


Introverts Are Often Times More Intelligent and More Creative Than Extroverts

Embracing your introverted side helps you to build a great business model.   But, in order for that business to succeed, get customers and grow, you will need to get out there and network.  You will need to come out of the peace and quiet so you can meet new people.  You will need to build solid relationships with some of them.  You can’t get by just meeting people casually.  You have got to forge strong friendships.

Build enough of those friendships with the right people and they will be your key to success.   That is my belief.  What is yours?

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