Free Website Promotion For Your Website – Free Gift #2

small photo of TedHey gang……..Ted here……

I know how hard it is to get a website off the ground and how hard it can be to find ways to promote it.   And depending on what type of website you are running, it can take a long time and a lot of personal effort on your part to get the website to take off.

So, as a way to say thanks to my readers like you, I am offering to promote your website for free.  This is not a gimmick.   I don’t have any hidden agendas.  My reason for doing this is simply to deepen the relationship I have with you as a reader/friend and to say thanks for visiting my online business blog.  Honestly.  That is all.


Here is how it works:

I will send you a handful of interview questions about your website or business.    They are simple questions like “Tell me about your website, who is it intended to benefit and how do they benefit from visiting your site.”   Things like that.

It is a simple and friendly little interview.   You tell me whatever things you think are important for people to know about you or your website.    You can even pick your own interview questions if you want to.  I figure you might know better than I do about what questions would be the best questions to ask you.

I will publish the interview as an article on a new website I am getting ready to launch.   I will be linking out from the article itself to whatever pages on your website serve as the best references to what you are talking about in the interview.   The links will be placed naturally by me according to however I see fit based on their true merits of link-worthiness.

In addition to being published on the website, some of the interviews will be promoted in social media and some won’t.  I encourage you to help promote them that way, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to for whatever reason.


  • No crappy sites – I won’t promote your site if it is low quality
  • No bad neighborhood sites (no porn, no gambling, no drugs, no pharma, etc.)
  • Your website must be written in English that is easily readable by an English speaking audience – I won’t promote a website or blog that is written in broken English by someone who struggles with the language. Sorry about that.  My audience is all English speaking people and they generally don’t like to read websites that are difficult to understand in any way.



What Kinds Of Results Can You Expect?

I wouldn’t expect any kind of miraculous results from this website promotion.   After all, this is a brand new website launch for me.  Therefore it won’t have much traffic or authority at first.  It should build up some up over time.   But, don’t expect this to work wonders for you.

This is a great way to earn some white hat links, publicity and traffic for your website.   Every little bit helps, right?  All of these little efforts add up over time.  That is how you grow your site.

gift box with red ribbonIf you are interested, just shoot me an email ted -at-   Tell me that you want the free website promotion.  I’ll answer any questions you might have and we can get the ball rolling.

I will probably have some other different white hat website promotion opportunities for you down the road too.  Those opportunities will also be free.

Go ahead and send me that email.

You’re welcome!