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The main purpose of my (internet marketing blog/online business blog) is to share the best advice I come across for helping you become a smarter online business person.  I absolutely love it when I run into a proven-successful business person who is dishing out eye popping gems of knowledge from his personal experience.

If you have never heard of Derek Sivers before, you have got to check this guy out.   He is a very modest guy when it comes to describing his business skills.   Yet, I think after hearing what he has to say about building a business, you will probably agree he is much wiser than his modesty suggests.

I don’t remember the first time I heard about him or how I came across him.  I am glad I did though.   I think it would totally kick ass to have a beer with the guy or to run into him at a party.   He has some kind of charismatic quality that just draws you in and makes you want to be around him.  If I had grown up around this guy, there is no doubt we would have been friends.

Watch and listen closely to each one in this series of videos where Derek offers his best advice about building a business.   His advice is pure genius.  It gets better with each video. These videos are a must watch.


I thought it was really cool of Derek to record that video series. It is real gift to be able to get advice directly from someone who has been that successful.

I think that part of the reason why he is so admired is because he built his business in a cool fun way which is what pretty much every guy hopes to be able to do with his own business someday.

You can checkout Derek in detail on his blog over at

What is the coolest piece of advice you got out of watching those videos?

2 Responses to Derek Sivers Advice on Business

  1. Michael Roeten says:

    Hi Ted,

    Thanks for putting these videos up. I learned grew :-)
    I resonate with the guy with big plans, but not getting started with ver. 0.1
    When Derek said that an idea is just a multiplier and it’s the execution that makes it valuable I thought… yeah… that makes total sense.
    My (fixable) flaw is that I want to have the whole picture before I start and that’s just not the Way things are. It’s like the business plan changing when first contact with the customer is made.

    When I showed a friend some of these videos last night he quoted a Chinese proverb (I think) that said… climbing a staircase with a thousand steps, starts with a single step.

    I also very much appreciate the statement about how businesses tend to dehumanize the experience for their customers and how the personal touch makes a great impact in the greyish online landscape we so often see.
    It’s the unfair advantage factor that is so important.

    All the best,

    • Ted says:

      Hi Michael,

      I think your situation is very common. We have a tendency to think that we have to get things perfect or close to perfect the first time around. In reality, we are much better off just getting something built, then improving it over a period of time.

      I am embarrassed by the first version of many of my websites. But, I learned that it is far more productive to get your product out there, even if it has some small flaws, than it is to sit on it and wait for perfection. Perfection is never going to come anyway. You will simply get to a point where it is good enough.

      Thanks for your comment. Good luck with your authority site.

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