Hello there fellow internet entrepreneur!

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That’s me – Ted.  I am a dude who builds websites on a part time basis for money.   My portfolio includes a wide variety of websites that earn money from advertising, affiliate sales, my own product sales and by selling services to the public.

I operate more than one business.  My internet based activities are one business, but I also operate a small IT services business that is a traditional local business catering to other local businesses.   Even though I often put more than 40 hours a week into my internet business pursuits, it is still considered part time work to me.   That is why I chose the name Part Time Ted for a moniker.

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 Just so you know, I don’t Tweet very often or use Stumble Upon very often either.  I do use them, but I use them very sparingly.   My social media accounts often look like they have been abandoned.  It just means I am taking a temporary hiatus from them.  Sooner or later I will resume Tweeting and Stumbling.


Who am I and why bother listening to me? 

I am just a typical American guy who is addicted to entrepreneurship.  I am literally addicted to building online micro-businesses that serve various markets in various ways.  This line of work is endlessly fascinating to me.  You would see me building new sites and launching new projects even if it didn’t make me any money.  Doesn’t that classify me as being addicted?

You can consider me just a regular guy who has a real passion for this line of work.   Teaching has been a passion of mine ever since getting a taste of it back in college.    So, I like to share my knowledge and experience about any topic with other cool people who are interested in learning about it.

I lean towards being more of an introvert than an extrovert.   So you typically won’t find me socializing on forums or social media.   Picture me sitting quietly at my desk in my home office pecking away at the keyboard writing some kind of tutorial article.  Either that or else you might see me nose deep into a great book.

If you have found me through one of my websites, then you and I probably share some common interests.  It would be cool if you shot me an email and said hi.   I love meeting new people who are interested in business, especially online business or internet marketing.  I am glad to help you wherever I can so that you can build your own successful online business.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.  We all want to make money.

Please feel free to engage in conversation with me by asking questions in the comment areas of my blog posts or by shooting an email.  I would love to chat with you about any of this stuff.


Want To Chat With Me?

Send me an email.  My address is Ted {at} PartTimeTed.com