How To Make Money With Google Adsense Sites

Google Adsense Ads

Have you ever read that Google Adsense sucks as a monetization method for things like blogs?

Well, the reason that people say that it sucks is because they haven’t yet learned how to make money with Google Adsense.  They just tried it on one or more of their sites and it didn’t make much money.  So they declared that it sucks as a monetization method.    And in their situation it probably does suck as a monetization method.  It only works well under the right circumstances.

The right circumstances include these things:

  • There are enough Google Adwords advertisers bidding on ad space for the keywords your pages are going to be relevant for.
  • Your website or specific pages on your website are attracting people who are predisposed to clicking on an advertisement. (People who are shopping for something are predisposed to clicking on ads.)
  • Your website attracts enough free traffic or you are capable of driving enough traffic to your website at a cost that is low enough to still be profitable with Adsense monetization.

In all honesty, you really don’t need that much traffic to make good money with Adsense.  It depends on how much you are getting paid per click which depends on a few other things.   My point is, you really don’t need a high traffic website.  You just need one that is targeting the right people.


What Type Of Website Should You Build?

I recommend building a small Authority Blog that targets a very specific audience.  Go download my free Authority Blog Starter Kit.  (Google it) That will teach you the exact business model I would use for the website.   I think you will discover that building a small authority site is more fun, more profitable and actually easier to do than following a traditional blogging model.


Can You Successfully Outsource The Content For Your Website

Maybe you can find a way to do this, but probably not.

outsourcing to

Do not bother trying to hire an average freelance writer to write blog posts for you in an effort to accomplish this.   Even if they are a semi-professional writer, they probably still won’t create posts that are useful enough for the target audience.   You really have to put great effort into creating extremely helpful blog posts.  A paid writer won’t do that unless you are paying them exceptionally well.

If you hired a top notch freelance writer then I suppose it is possible.  When I say top notch freelancer though, I am talking about paying a couple hundred dollars per blog post for a very professional very experienced freelance writer who was born and raised in the USA (assuming your site targets the USA primarily).

And if I was going to try to outsource this, I would want to find a freelancer who is exceptionally knowledgeable about whatever topic area I am building a website around.   If you can find such a person, then I think you could have great success.  I think that finding a person like that will be very difficult though because you will probably want to work a niche that you won’t be able to find an expert writer for.


Adsense Business Models That Don’t Work

  • Any type of auto-blogging with Adsense ads will risk losing your Adsense account
  • Any type of article spinning for content monetized with Adsense ads will risk losing your account
  • Any type of link spamming for websites monetized with Adsense ads will risk losing your account
  • Outsourcing blog post or article writing generally does not work very well because it will be hard to find a writer who will produce the level of quality readers want at a price that you are willing to pay the freelancer to do it. (Maybe you can find a way to do this if you try hard enough or you are creative enough in your approach.)
  • Article directory style websites monetized with Adsense no longer work well
  • Blogs with random topics don’t work well
  • Blogs with a primarily social audience (which is most blogs) do not monetize well with Adsense

 Do this

Keys To Success

  • Build a truly useful website that naturally attracts traffic because the site is so useful. (If you do that, then you will not have to worry about traffic and you won’t have to worry about making the site profitable.)
  • Find demand before building just any old website.
  • Build the entire site to focus on primarily helping one specific type of person.
  • Cover your topic thoroughly in each blog post. Be more thorough than anyone else who is currently ranking high in Google for the same keywords you are targeting.
  • Focus on targeting traffic that is in shopping mode already.
  • Make the advertising highly noticeable without making it highly offensive to the people who visit your website. You don’t want to annoy them with advertising.  You just want them to notice it.


Your Action Steps for Building A Profitable Adsense Website

Find the best answers you can come up with for the following questions:

What sorts of topics and categories interest me that also have enough Adwords bidders?

What keywords could I target within those niches/categories that would attract people who are predisposed to clicking on an advertisement?  Are the keywords you are targeting being typed into Google by people who are in shopping mode?

What idea can I come up with for an extremely useful website that targets those people using those keywords?

In know those are not easy questions to answer.  But, if you can find the right answers to those questions, then you will build yourself a profitable site.

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