How To Fix An Affiliate Site That Doesn’t Get Any Traffic

In this short article I am going to teach you how to fix an affiliate site or Adsense site that doesn’t get any traffic.   This fix is designed to help a website that has never gotten any significant amount of traffic.  It is not intended to fix a website that has been penalized by Google or something like that.   It really is geared toward a site that has never really gotten any traction.   Do you have an affiliate site that doesn’t get traffic?   Then keep reading.

The core reason why the vast majority of affiliate websites and Adsense websites don’t get any traffic is because the site doesn’t really benefit anyone at all or at least doesn’t benefit them enough.  Let me explain by using an example.

Amazon Affiliate Site Example:

amazon associates affiliate programSuppose you are trying to build an Amazon affiliate site for coffee makers.   Your goal is to get people to visit your website and then make a purchase on Amazon so you can get the commission.   So you put up a website with a bunch of articles that talk about coffee and coffee makers.  You do some reviews of some coffee makers and link out to with your affiliate links.

You have done the keyword research and discovered that tens of thousands of people search for coffee makers and related keywords every month.   So this type of site should be able to generate a lot of affiliate sales.

You promote the site using the methods that you know of.   You probably get a little bit of traffic to the site, but that traffic doesn’t convert and those visitors never return.  You simply can’t get your site to get enough traffic.

The reason it doesn’t get enough traffic is because your site honestly doesn’t benefit anybody who visits it.  Therefore Google doesn’t want to send it traffic.   Yes Google really can tell when your site doesn’t benefit anyone who visits it.  Plus, you don’t have anyone out there honestly recommending your site to their friends because your site honestly doesn’t do anything for them.  So you are not getting any referral traffic either.  You haven’t given people a good reason to visit your site when they are searching for a coffee maker to buy.

site will fail if you don't give people a good reason to visit

Your website is going to fail if you don’t give people a good reason to want to visit your site instead of some other site.   It will fail because you won’t be able to generate sustainable traffic for it.   There is no demand for a website that doesn’t benefit visitors.

Sustainable traffic for your money making website is going to come from search engines and from referrals from people who honestly recommend your site to people they know.   In order to get traffic from either of those places, you have got to build a site that benefits someone other than you.


So How Do You Fix An Affiliate Site That Has That Problem?

First you need to rethink the primary strategy for your site.   You need to think about how you could build a website that would honestly help someone.   Here is how you might do that using the example of the coffee maker website.

Coffee MugInstead of just throwing up a bunch of random articles about coffee and coffee makers, let’s instead focus in on helping someone who wants help.   Every single page on the website should serve a real purpose instead of just being filler content for the website.

Let’s build a site that helps someone decide which coffee maker is truly best for them.   After doing some research we discover that there are people searching for things like “best brand of coffee makers”.  This is a problem that we could help people solve.  We could educate them about which company has the best brand of coffee maker.

But our site can’t just tell them who the best brand is.   We need to convince them which brand is the best.   When a person visits the website they are going to be wondering “why should I believe this website?” and “is this information trustworthy?”

So our goal with the site has to be to convince a person which coffee maker is the best.  We convince them by earning their trust.   We have to prove to them that we have the authority to make a judgment call about which coffee maker is the best.   Or else we need to provide the visitor with enough authoritative information that she can make that judgment call for herself.   That is where the real skill comes into play when building an affiliate website.   Why should a person believe you and trust your advice?   What credentials do you have?  What experience do you have?

Maybe you work for a local company that services commercial kitchen equipment.   You get to see which coffee makers break down and which ones never break down.  If people know that you work for a kitchen equipment service company then they would trust your opinion and advice more.

Suppose you don’t have that kind of experience.  Then how do you get people to trust your opinion?  Well, you could go gather data from a bunch of different websites or other public places and share what you have learned from that data.   For example, you could go to and collect reviews of the coffee makers.  You could go to and collect reviews.  You could go to or other websites where coffee makers are sold, reviewed and rated.   Then you compile that information and share it on your website.

If you compare three different coffee makers and show your visitors the ratings that each coffee maker has on five different websites, then that would be valuable information that your visitors would appreciate.   They would think, “hey, this website saves me time by showing me ratings from all these other places.”

Build your entire website focused on helping that person solve that dilemma.   Help them honestly and truthfully figure out what would be the best purchase in their situation.   And that type of website traffic is going to be traffic that converts well because they are in shopping mode already.  That type of person is ready to buy a coffee maker right now.  They just need to make a decision on the brand, model and where to make the purchase.   Help them make up their mind and you will make money.

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