Part Time vs Full Time Online Business Ventures

Part Time vs. Full Time

Are you more likely to be successful if you launch your online business venture on a part time basis or a full time basis?

Let me ask you this….

Suppose you are currently working in a restaurant as a waiter/waitress or maybe as part of the kitchen staff.  You don’t like working there because of the evening hours and lower pay.  Would you just up and quit your job in that restaurant in order to launch a plumbing business of your own?  Yes plumbing.

I can hear you thinking……..Wait what??????

Who said anything about being a plumber?   I don’t know anything about being a plumber.   No I wouldn’t do that.  That would be crazy.   Why in the world would I quit my job and try to start a business as a plumber when I know absolutely nothing about being a plumber?  Yeah I can probably glue some PVC pipes together and maybe fix a leaky faucet here or there, but I don’t know enough about plumbing to seriously think I could build a competitive business for myself doing that.


Then why would you think you could quit whatever job you have right now and launch a successful online business that would be successful in a matter of months?

How is an online business different?

What makes you think that building a business for yourself online is any different than launching some other business you don’t know anything about yet?    There is not that much difference.

If you don’t know anything about it and you have no experience with it then you are going to discover that you have an incredible volume of material to learn.

Learning takes time.   How long would it take you to learn plumbing well enough where you could comfortably launch your own business in your local community and sell enough professional plumbing services to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle?   It would take you years.

Fortunately you can learn how to build an online business much faster than that.   But, you still aren’t going to be good enough at it to earn a substantial amount of money within a few months.   You are going to start out earning zero.

And your income will grow slowly, much more slowly than you want it to.

Is this what you are thinking?If you had this vision in your head that average people one day get an itch to launch a website and they magically launch average websites and earn a decent amount of money doing it, then get that vision out of your head.  It is a daydream.  It is not even close to how things actually work.

Building a website that makes even as little as one dollar per day is  harder than you think it is if you have never done it before.   Many average people who try to do that can’t even accomplish that in a reasonable amount of time.  And once they realize that, they quit.  They give up and go back to their old job or some other job they dreaded.  And they feel like a failure.

The only reason they feel that way is because they incorrectly assumed that building an internet business would be way easier than building a traditional local small business like a plumber, electrician, repairman, accountant, restaurant or whatever.   Building a profitable and sustainable online business is a little bit easier than some other type of business, but not as much as you think it is.   It is still very challenging.  It will take time.  You will make mistakes.  There is a lot you have to learn in order to make smart decisions.


Part Time Is The Way To Go If You Have Bills To Pay

If you start out part time, then you can learn and experiment without the stress of needing to pay your bills with money you earn from your online business pursuits.

If you are still living at home with your parents and you don’t need any income, then fine, go full time.   If you need money to pay your bills though, then you had better start your online business pursuits on a part time basis.

This business is fun and you will learn very quickly, but there is a catch.   The catch is that there is a lot more to learn than you realize.   And you don’t really learn about it just by reading about it.   You have to attempt to do what you are reading about.  And trying to implement what you are reading about will take you a lot longer than it took you to read about it.

Start part time.  Study your butt off.   Implement what you are learning.   Then you will mold yourself into a smart and successful online business person.

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