What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online In 2016

Silver Dollar Sign SymbolOut of all the various methods and tactics that people use these days, I think the best way to make money online in 2016 is to build a specific type of niche website.

The kind of niche site I am talking about is an information based website that helps a specific type of person solve a specific problem or dilemma.

Here is how it works in a nutshell…….

First you need to find a problem or a dilemma that a certain type of person faces in his/her life that you are capable of helping them with.  Really, it can be any topic that people use the internet to find help with.

How many times have you gone online to Google and searched for information about something you needed to know?  Maybe you needed to figure out how something works.  Maybe you needed to do research about some big ticket purchase before you actually bought it.  Maybe there was some major dilemma in your life that was giving you grief and you sought out information that would ease your mind.

There are lots and lots and lots of different things that people search for help with online because they simply don’t know who else to ask.  Sometimes they search online because the topic they want to learn about is a bit embarrassing to ask a friend about.  So, they turn to the internet instead.

Those situations present opportunities for people like you and me to build websites to help those people.

Even though you think that you might not know anything that you could do this with, I assure you that you definitely know something of high value that other people would like help with.  There are probably some topics that people ask you for advice about because they know you can probably offer excellent advice on that subject.  Start paying attention to what kinds of questions people ask you about.  Maybe it has something to do with your job or some major life experience that you have gone through.

make money with an information business

Is This A Good Business Idea?

question markOnce you have an idea of what problem you could help someone solve, then you need to determine whether that market is already being well served or not.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone experiencing that dilemma.   What kinds of questions would they be typing into Google as they try to find solutions for their problem?

Pick out the top two or three questions you think people would search for.  Then go to Google and do those searches.

Do the pages that come up in the top few spots actually solve the problem for the person?  If not, then you may have just found a great opportunity to build a little website that can help those people solve their problem.


Building The Actual Website To Help Them Is Easier Than You Probably Imagine

build money making websites with wordpressThese days it is easy for someone to build a website using WordPress.   WordPress allows you to easily create a blog style website where you can publish informative articles and pictures.  Using something like YouTube, you could also embed videos into your website that will help that person solve their problem.

The goal with your website is to make it as helpful as possible for the person you are trying to help.   If you manage to build a site that is really helpful, then your readers will help spread the word about your website by telling their friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites.

If your site is setup properly, then as it gains more and more publicity, it will also start ranking higher and higher in the search results on Google.   As it climbs higher in the search results it will start getting more and more and more traffic.

You can make money from that website traffic.  The method that you use to make money from that site is going to be determined by the type of problem you are helping people with.  One easy way to monetize the site is to add Google Adsense ads to the site.   That can be very profitable or not very profitable depending on the topic of your site.

The money comes in pretty much on autopilot if you monetize the site that way.  There are other ways you can monetize a site like that too.  You have to experiment with and tweak your monetization methods once you have the site up and running.

If the idea of making money with this kind of website honestly interests you and you are serious about it, then you can visit my website that explains how to build Authority Niche Blogs in a lot more detail.  Authority sites like that are very straightforward to build and they can be really profitable depending on a number of factors.

That is the best method I have found so far for making money online these days.   It is something that anyone with average intelligence can accomplish as long as you are determined to see the project through from start to finish.  And, it is also very personally rewarding.

There are other ways that you can make even more money than you are going to make with an authority niche site, but those other methods require more skills than the average person has.


Making Money This Way Is Better Than The Old Method

One of the most common and also outdated methods of building a niche website was to just throw up a basic WordPress blog with a bunch of articles on it that were somehow related to a general niche.  Then you would build a bunch of links to the site.  Then throw Google Adsense on the site.  Then sit back and collect earnings.

That business model no longer works well in my experience.   If you want a website to succeed long term (especially in 2015 and beyond), you really have to make the site useful for people.  That is why this newer model of building authority sites that actually help people is a much better business model.

That makes a lot of sense too.  Doesn’t it?

create real value for peopleIf you want to build a sustainable business, then it is going to actually have to provide value to people.  So, if you decide to try to make money online using this particular method, be sure that you are trying to build a site that honestly benefits the people you are trying to get to visit it.

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