The One Dollar A Day Crappy Niche Website Business Model

american dollar billsThere is a somewhat popular business model for making money on the internet that goes like this:  Create a website that earns about one dollar per day in profit.  Then scale it up by building a whole bunch of those websites.   If you build one hundred of those sites then you will earn about one hundred dollars per day give or take.  If you build two hundred of those sites then you will earn about two hundred dollars per day.

Sounds pretty good, right?

The math does work out.   If you build a hundred sites each earning a buck or so per day, then yes you will earn somewhere around one hundred dollars per day.  It seems like that should be pretty easy to do.   How hard can it be to build a site that earns one dollar per day?

That is the mindset that makes that business model seem so attractive.

I can tell you, from firsthand experience, that the one dollar a day crappy niche website business model totally sucks.


Let me tell you why that business model totally sucks:

That business model sucks because, when you have relatively little experience building websites that make money (like less than a year for example) then you will discover that it is harder than you ever would have thought just to get a website to reach the level where it earns one dollar per day.

Hard to believe, right?

You would think that earning one dollar per day would be super easy.   It can be easy and it can be hard.   It is very hard to do when you have very little experience building money making websites and when you have this picture in your mind that making money on the internet is easy.

If you have this idea that making a dollar per day is going to be easy, then you will build websites that suck.   You have to build low quality websites in order to hammer out one hundred of them.  Nobody can build a hundred high quality websites in a few months, especially not someone who is relatively inexperienced.

You will build crappy little niche sites that are populated with crappy content that nobody on the internet, not even some goofy 12 year old kid, wants to visit.   And if you build websites that are useless to the general human population, then you will soon discover it is very hard to get any people to visit those sites at all.

And if you can’t get anyone to visit those crappy sites, then you aren’t going to make any money with those crappy sites.   So now you end up having a whole bunch of nearly worthless websites that are each costing you $30-$50 per year between hosting fees and domain name registration renewals and privacy renewals.

Maybe you make a few dollars per month over your costs, maybe if you are lucky.   And you probably won’t be that lucky enough to even break even.

And then you know what else happens?

You have to manage all those websites.  You have to update the WordPress versions.  You have to update the plugins.   You have to monitor the rankings of those sites.   You have to administer the comments on the sites if you allow blog comments.   You have to do a whole bunch of tedious maintenance on sites that aren’t earning you jack squat.


extremely mad kidYou Have Just Created For Yourself, The Worst Paying Most Despicable Job You Have Ever Had!

The pay sucks.  The work sucks.  You don’t want to try to build links for the sites because anywhere you go to drop a link, the administrator deletes it because your site sucks and he doesn’t want to link out to your piece of crap site.


Following That Business Model Will Suck The Soul out Of You!

You will feel like you need to go see a catholic priest for an exorcism.   You will feel like the work you are doing is like some kid who has decided that shoplifting could actually be a career path.

The (one dollar per day times one hundred websites) business model sucks!  Take my advice. Don’t waste your time on that pump and dump crap.  You are much better off focusing your efforts on building a much smaller number of much higher quality much more useful websites that you might actually be proud of once they are built.    There are much better business models that you will find more rewarding and more profitable.

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