Why It Is So Hard To Build A Successful Online Business

online business is hardYou hate being reminded how hard it is to build an online business.  Don’t you?

I know you hate it, but it is true.  That is reality.  It takes dedication and perseverance.

If you are really determined to succeed, then you are going to succeed at trying to build your online business.

The vast majority of other “less motivated” people are not going to succeed.   Do you know why?

Take a two minute mind trip with me as I show you the real reasons why certain people make it while others don’t.

Imagine this scenario…

Think for a minute about all of the business experience you have accumulated in life so far.  Think about the jobs you have had since high school.  Think about how much you have learned about how businesses operate and how they turn a profit.

Now, considering all of your current business experience and life experiences, would you be willing to go to your local bank…..take out a loan ……and open a new retail clothing store in your hometown in the next couple months?

Would you do that?

clothes on display at storeNo you wouldn’t.  You would never do that.   Why not?

You wouldn’t do it because you don’t have any experience doing it and because you know it would be a major challenge to launch a successful retail clothing store like that.

You might know part of the puzzle.  You might know enough to accomplish certain aspects of building that business successfully.  But, would your clothing store be an ultimate success?  Not likely.

Am I right?

You would probably struggle immensely because you don’t know a lot of really important details such as:

  • Where to buy clothes at wholesale
  • Which clothes your customers will want to buy
  • What prices to charge for your clothes
  • How to display your clothes in the store properly
  • How to create a clothes shopping experience that customers will love
  • How to do business accounting for a clothing store
  • How to manage cash flow for a clothing store
  • What government regulations apply to a local clothing business
  • How many employees you will need and what their jobs would be
  • Plus a long list of many other important things….

That is why you wouldn’t go to a bank, get a loan and launch your own local retail clothing store.  Besides that fact, the bank would never loan you the money anyway.


Why So Many Online Businesses Fail

The only difference between you trying to open a retail clothing store like that and opening an online business of some sort is the fact that the online business costs next to nothing to start and it has almost no overhead.   There is very little barrier to entry to launch an online business.  That is a huge part of the reason why you are willing to try it.

But, you probably know as much about running a successful online business as you do about running a local retail clothing store.   Am I right?   How much do you really know about doing business online?

You probably have a lot to learn yet.

The reason why people fail when trying to build an online business is because they aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to learn everything they need to learn to become successful.  It takes a long time and a ton of effort.

When you first start off, it seems like building a successful online business might be doable and a heck of a lot easier than launching your own local retail business.  But, as you get into it, you realize that there is an awful lot to learn….far more than you imagined there would be.   And, even the things that seem like they should be relatively easy to learn end up being more challenging than you had hoped.


There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel Though

woman holding a piggy bankIf you are persistent enough, you will eventually get enough of the pieces in place to start finding success.   Just don’t expect it to happen really quickly.   Plug away at it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

That is the one advantage that you have with an online business.  Your mistakes tend to cost a lot less than they would if you had all the overhead that comes with a traditional brick and mortar business.

Every successful business owner, whether online or offline, got there by learning from his or her mistakes and adapting accordingly.   They persevered even when things got tougher than they expected.   They kept plugging away until they learned the real nuts and bolts about the business and how to make it work.   That is exactly what you are going to need to do too, if you want to be successful.

So you should start off by accepting the fact that you have a lot to learn yet before you are going to start raking in the cash.  Start learning one lesson at a time and keep learning.  Keep experimenting.  The fastest way to learn is through trial and error.

Expect lots of errors though because if you expect everything to work well the first time you try it, then this business is going to drive you friggin insane.

Keep experimenting.  Keep learning and you will get there.

If you have bills to pay and you need some kind of income to pay them with, then you should keep a traditional job that will pay your bills as you learn how to do this stuff on a part time basis.  That is the only way you will stick with it long enough to really learn what you are doing.

If you under pressure to learn how to make money online really quickly, then you are going to put yourself between a rock and a hard place.   Don’t do that to yourself.  Life is too short to stress yourself out like that.  If you put yourself in a situation like that, then you will end up quitting your online business pursuits.  You will run out of time before you learn how to make enough money.

If you are serious about generating some kind of sustainable income from building some kind of website based business all by yourself, then put yourself in a position where you have a real shot at succeeding.


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