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news articlesHow would you like free content for your blog or some other website of yours?   You can get articles for your sites simply by asking me.  How about if the articles are one hundred percent original, grammatically correct, individually written articles on whatever topics you want?   These are articles that the search engines love.  These are articles that people can actually read and get something out of.  These are real articles that are crafted specifically for your website.  This is the kind of content that great websites are made of.  You can get it free of charge.  Yes.  I’ll write the articles for you myself.


What is the catch?

I am looking for links back to my websites and the websites of my friends.  Every article I write for you will have one link embedded in it that links back to one of my websites or a website that belongs to one of my friends.  All I ask is that you leave that link intact.  I want it to remain a standard dofollow link also.   I also link to one other authority site from inside the article.

The articles I write for you must be published on your blog or your website.  You may not sell them.  You may not use them to publish on an article directory site.  You may not use them to publish somewhere else to promote your site.  The articles must be published on a site you own or on a blog that is hosted at one of the free blog hosting companies.


That is the only catch.  I think it is a pretty fair trade if you ask me. 

And if you want, I will even help you promote the articles that I give you.  I will either link back to your articles from other articles that I publish online.  Or, I may promote the articles with my social media accounts.  Or, I might do both.  So, not only do you get super high quality content written by a regular American dude who writes pretty well, but you also get some links and publicity for your website too.  Is it sounding even better now?  I hope so.

Once I send you the article, the article becomes your property.  You can edit it however you want.  I simply ask that you keep my link in there and keep it dofollow.  You can add additional links inside the articles if you want to.  You can add new paragraphs or reword things if you want to.  My main concern is getting the link.


What is the quality of my articles like?

The quality would be similar to what you are reading right now.  I will write articles that are at least several hundred words.  Most of my articles are over four hundred words.  Often times they are a lot longer than that.  I just write until I get my point across in the article.  Then I stop.  Sometimes it takes a few hundred words.  Sometimes it takes more.  If you have specific requirements, just say so.

I never use spinners or rewrite PLR or anything like that.  My articles are all original.  You never ever have to worry about them passing duplicate content filters or passing Copyscape.  I guarantee that they will pass because the words for the articles are going to come straight from my brain.  I don’t do it any other way.


This Content is Perfect For Niche Sites

If you are looking to find content for your blog or you need to get some content for a niche site you are building, then these kinds of articles are ideal.  They will help you rank better in the search engines.  The search engines love my articles.


How Many Articles Would I Write For You?

I am not looking for a writing job where I write on a regular basis for another website.   I already have enough writing projects of my own.  I suggest that we start with one article at first.   If you want me to write more after that, then feel free to ask.  Whether or not I will write additional articles depends on many factors including my current workload.


What Kinds Of Sites Would I Be Linking To?

I would never ask you to link back to a website that isn’t worthy of the link.  Any links I request of you would be going to legitimate websites that you won’t mind linking to.  It might link to an article on my primary blog or some other niche blog that is relevant to the article.


What Topics Can I Write About?

The only topics I care to write about right now are topics that involve business either online business or offline business.   So anything related to those topics is fair game such as making money online, authority sites, blogging, internet marketing, advertising, employee management, outsourcing, etc.


If you have a blog I can write guest blog posts or else just give you the articles to post as your own.

If you are looking for blog content, then it doesn’t matter to me which way you want to handle this.  To keep it simple, I could just email you the article and let you post it as if it was your own written piece.  If you prefer, you can post it and say it is a guest post that was written by me.  I will leave that up to you.  It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you give me credit for writing it.


How to get started:

Send me an email   Explain what you would like to have written.  It would help me a lot if you would suggest a title.   The easiest way to do that is to come up with some kind of question that you think your website audience would like to hear me answer.   Then let me write an article to explain the answer to that question.   Those types of articles usually end up being excellent quality for both your readers and for the search engines.

4 Responses to Free Content For Your Blog or Website

  1. Jon says:

    Have you tried using

    I have used them, in this niche there are a fair number of bloggers (As in blog owners) who accept (or fight over) guest posts. It is a premium service (I am not affiliated in any way).

    • Ted says:

      I am familiar with MyBlogGuest. Thanks. I might use that resource at some point. I created this post to be a long standing offer that I can keep a conspicuous link to on my homepage. I am curious to see if and how it will work. I am wondering if I will get any legit offers or if people are just going to want content for another crappy Adsense site about insurance, legal matters or some other higher payout click.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Ted,

    Hope you have a lot of takers… You know that when you visit other blogs you can see if they allow guest blogging and you can just write and submit a post to their site as well. They will be sure to do their research as well before accepting your post so sending them to this link will help I’m sure. I know we only recently crossed paths but I wish you luck with this endeavor.


  3. Ted says:

    Thanks Adrienne. I hope I get a lot of takers too. I think it is a great way to build domain authority for your blog.

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